Golden Bear Toys - Trade

Quality and safety in the design and manufacture of our products is Golden Bear's top priority. We ensure that each product carries the British Toy and Hobby Lion Mark, which tells consumers they can be certain that a toy is safe, and conforms to all relevant safety standards and codes of conduct.

The time line below shows the steps taken during the product development process to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

1. A member of our team creates a new and exciting idea for a toy, inspired by anything from a cartoon to a live animal or just their imagination!

2. The idea is relayed to the design department and the toy is developed in-house as a prototype

3. Either the creator of the character or the customer approves the prototype but this can take some time, as every detail has to be perfect!

4. The approved prototype is then sent to the factory and the right tools for the job are made.

5. Manufacturing begins and rigorous testing and inspections are carried out to ensure the integrity and quality of the toy.

6. Once they toy has passed inspection it is given a Lion Mark and CE Mark to show the highest standards of quality and safety have been adhered to.

7. Each toy is individually packaged and labelled to keep it in pristine condition.

8. An independent 3rd party audit inspection is carried out on all goods before they leave the factory to double check the quality of the toy.

9. A box is filled with 6 individual toys and then a container filled with hundreds of boxes!

10. The container is shipped back to the UK and transported to our Telford warehouse.

11. All products are inspected on arrival and distributed as soon as possible to our customers.The toys arrives with our customers who will unpack the toys and puts them in their shop.

12. The toy is brought as a present, gift or impulse purchase and this is where its life really begins!